Recover deleted all file photo and cantact

Photo and Video Recovery

” or “Photo Video Recovery” with a contact recovery or contact recovery function is a great “recovery” app for deleting photos and videos. Photo and video recovery or photo and video recovery has never been easier, this app does not require root.

Have you ever deleted important photos by mistake?

Sometimes, when you accidentally delete photos from your phone and start looking for a good photo recovery tool, you will get headache. To solve this problem all you have to do is download the recovered android data and let it scan the phone’s internal and external memory completely.

Contact Recovery can recover deleted contacts from internal phone database and restore them to original contact chain without any prior backup and no computer required. Whether you deleted your contacts by mistake or put your phone back to its factory default settings, this app will help you save your contacts effectively.

If you can’t find the file on your phone, or if you accidentally modify or delete the file, you can restore it from Restore All Deleted Files.
Deleted Photo Recovery:-Photo and Video Recovery or Photo and Video Recovery makes it easy to recover photos and videos. Photo Recovery or Photo Recovery has never been so easy and easy.

This app may display some photos even if they haven’t been deleted yet. This is because these files already exist in the hidden folders scanned by this app.

Continue your search to find the photo you are looking for.

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